Star Tribune published a great article by Brad Allen, who used his monthly Your Money column to profile the conference:

“One-day conference InvestMNt proves there’s financial heft to Twin Cities.”


This year’s conference enjoyed outstanding coverage in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Star Tribune:

Same-day online updates in Strib Biz Live by Evan Ramstad, which he tied together in a post-conference wrap-up published Thursday, August 7 – “At InvestMNt, a lot of numbers, some dealing and a bit of fun“

Thanks for Another Great Conference – 2014

The conference evaluations are beginning to come in, and the early returns indicate InvestMNt 2014 was a hit. Here are a few relevant numbers:

  •     16% more participating companies
  •     33% more qualified investors attending
  •     20% more 1×1 and small-group meetings

In fact, we received so many requests for 1X1s this year that we had to set up an additional 11 meeting spots in the Food For Thought Café!

We’ve also been hearing positive reviews of the new offerings at this year’s conference: the fixed-income track, plenary session with Richard Davis, and panel discussion on electronic trading.

Watch our 2014 invetsMNt Conference commercial